The helping hand your legal department needs

Is your legal team snowed under with drafting, reviewing and executing contracts? Is this slowing down your sales cycle?

With Cloud Contracts 365 your legal team can:

  • Review complex contracts in minutes
  • Identify contractual issues quickly
  • Customise templates and allow other teams to self-serve legal documents
  • Free up time to focus on, and negotiate the big, complex contracts.

Speed up sales

Contracts created to close faster

Reduce risk

Protect your business

Focus on profit

Microsoft incentive clauses

Single source of truth

All you contracts in one place

Future-proof your business

As your business evolves, having a solid legal foundation becomes increasingly crucial. Cloud Contracts 365 equips you with the tools necessary to adapt to changing regulations and business needs.

Our contract templates are always updated to ensure you are compliant with the latest legislation and technology specific terms.

  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Navigate complex legal landscapes
  • Position your business for long-term success
protect your business – flipped
Microsoft Terms
Contract Builder

Quick and simple

Create contracts with simple questionnaires


Best-in-class contracts at a fraction of the price of a lawyer


Standardise your contracts and improve accuracy

Designed for your business

Every contract has essential clauses for technology businesses

Contract Reviewer

AI-powered legal review

Shorten your sales cycle with contracts reviewed in minutes

Clause-by-clause analysis

Quickly identify risks and how to mitigate them

Improve negotiations

Know exactly where to negotiate or push-back

Instant risk score

Receive a risk score and summary of issues

Contract Manager

Central contract hub

All your contracts in one secure platform


Sign contracts quickly and close deals faster

Automated contract renewal and termination reminders

Never miss an important contract date

Strengthen your valuation

Prepare for Exit with organised and compliant contracts

Everything your team needs

Cloud Contracts 365 allows you to organise, analyse, and optimise your contracts to protect your business value.

With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can confidently lead your organisation while staying one step ahead of legal challenges.

    Affordable legal support designed for your business
    Streamline your legal process
    Mitigate risk
    Close deals faster

PricingHow we help Leadership Teams

Increase operational efficiency in your legal process with simplified contract creation, review, and management, enabling you to:

    Save valuable time and resources
    Standardise and streamline your legal processes
    Improve collaboration between departments
    Ensure a seamless process getting contracts over the line

PricingHow we help Operations

For sales teams, time is of the essence when closing deals.

Cloud Contracts 365 equips your sales teams with the tools that enable them to:

    Create best-in-class contracts designed for your business
    Review complex contracts in fraction of the time of a lawyer
    Close deals faster with e-Signatures
    Access your contracts from one central hub
    Provide a frictionless customer journey

PricingHow we help Sales and Business Development

Cloud Contracts 365 does the heavy lifting for repetitive legal tasks, freeing up your legal team to focus on the key issues.

    Customise templates and allow other teams to self-serve legal documents
    Review complex contracts in minutes
    Identify contractual issues quickly
    More time to focus on, and negotiate the big, complex contracts

PricingHow we help In-House Legal

Affordable legal support designed for your business that helps you manage costs and mitigate legal risks.

    Save £££s in legal fees via our contract creation and automated contract review tools
    Always up-to-date contract templates to ensure you are compliant
    Faster sales cycles means expedited invoicing and payment

PricingHow we help Finance

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