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A consistent process, and a common set of terms, improves contract creation in every way.

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When you customise a template, your answers populate best-in-class contracts written specifically for Microsoft Partners by experienced lawyers.

  • Delegate contract creation to anyone in the business.
  • Eliminate manual drafting errors, discrepancies, and inconsistent language.
  • No need to clone old contracts again.
  • Know the terms you’re agreeing to with all your customers
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Are you a Microsoft Partner?

Our templates have optional clauses for Microsoft Partners. This means you’ll get the critical terms you need to cement the Microsoft Partner relationship in all your commercial contracts:

  • New Commerce Experience (NCE)
  • Claiming Partner of Record (CPoR)
  • Digital Partner of Record (DPoR)
  • Proof of Execution for Microsoft funded work
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Microsoft Terms

Future-proof your business

As your business evolves, having a solid legal foundation becomes increasingly crucial. Cloud Contracts 365 equips you with the tools necessary to adapt to changing regulations and business needs.

Our contract templates are always updated to ensure you are compliant with the latest legislation and technology focused terms.

  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Navigate complex legal landscapes
  • Position your business for long-term success
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